Stress and Your Health

Stress presents when you experience change, a challenge, or demanding circumstances in everyday life.

Are You Ready for Flu Season? Here’s Your Survival Guide

Influenza is most common during the months of October through May, but peaks between December and February. It is usually widespread. .

Allergies Causing Sniffles? Here’s How to Feel Better

With a few simple steps, you can often nip the symptoms of seasonal allergies in the bud!

It’s Back to School Time

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Is It a Cold or the Flu? [Infographic]

Don't know if you have a cold or the flu? This handy graphic will help you identify so you can find relief.

Get Back in the Game: Home Treatments for Common Sports Injuries

Are you suffering from an athletic injury? Try these home treatments and preventative care to get back in the game.

Six Tips to Keep Your Child Safe and Healthy at Camp

These six important tips will help your child have a safe and healthy summer camp adventure, and provide you peace of mind!

How to Best Prevent Bug Bites, and What to Do if Bitten

Discover how to prevent bug bites, and what to do if bitten or stung. Bug bite reactions can range from minor to emergency situations requiring medical care. InstaCare is here to provide the treatment you need.

Foods and Supplements That Help Seasonal Allergies

Discover foods and over-the-counter supplements that can help curtail your allergy symptoms.

What’s in a Cough? Your Home Guide to Acute Bronchitis

Acute bronchitis or pneumonia? Bacterial or viral? Learn the differences, and get the care you, or a loved one, needs.